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November 18, 2020
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Fun Popcorn Projects For Rainy Weather

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On those days when the weather is lousy, children can get rather bored and unsettled. As a matter of fact, you may even get a little restless yourself. When the weather conditions keeps you inside it's great to plan a few crafts for some great family time. Even if you're running low on art supplies, you can frequently find anything you might need in a cupboard in your kitchen. If you have a bag of un-popped popcorn, you will have enough supplies to entertain both you and your kid for the entire afternoon. The following are some great tips for some straightforward crafts you can do with popcorn.

Colorful Bean Bags

While they aren't called "corn bags", you can still use popcorn as a replacement for beans in these creative little baggies. In reality, they can even be easier to use than beans because they are not as big. Get a few fabric scraps and sew them into small bags. If you are particularly creative, you could actually make them into special shapes, for example cars or critters. But if you choose to keep it simple you can just make plain squares, but make sure you leave roughly 2 inches open on just one of the sides. Don't forget to put the right sides of the fabric together before sewing, so that you will be able to flip them before filling them. After you sew the bags, dump your popcorn kernels into a large bowl. Your children can then fill up the bags with the popcorn. This process is easier if you use a funnel. After you have filled up the bag about two thirds full, you can sew it shut. You can then put together a few fun games which can be played indoors, such as a competition to see who is able to toss the most bean bags in a box or pail. Or you can play another tossing game with the bean bags, like "Hot Potato". Don't forget to take some pictures of these fun memories which are being made, so that you will be able to place them in some picture frames.

Mosaic Artwork

If your popcorn is multi-colored, mosaic art is a great thing to create. Give your youngster a square of lightweight cardboard, such as a piece of poster board. Then they can draw easy designs on the cardboard as a guide for putting on the popcorn. Cover each part of the design with white glue. Then apply the popcorn to the wet glue. Apply different colors of the popcorn to different parts of the drawing until the whole design is covered. After they dry, you could even put a few of these pieces of art in picture frames, presenting them on the wall. Or, make us of the mosaics as eye-catching trivets.

Popcorn Strands And Necklaces

Stringing popcorn is often a lot of fun, even when it isn't the holiday time of year. Pop a big bowl of popcorn. Then hand each kid a yarn needle threaded with quilting thread or lightweight string. They can then string the popped kernels, alternating with some dry cereal rings if they want to for variety. You can then drape the pretty strands around your house as decorations. Or, create shorter strands, knotting the ends together to form popcorn necklaces. Take some shots of your sweet youngsters wearing their lovely popcorn necklaces, and then place them in a few fun picture frames.

So if you're running out of fun crafts on a rainy day, then don't worry. You and your children will have a great time with all these artsy popcorn projects.


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