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April 18, 2020
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5 Reasons Why an Air Hockey Table is so Popular

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There are a lot of air hockey table manufacturer's in the world today, and it is not surprising. Air hockey has been around for almost 40 years, and it took very little time for it to become a popular past time around the world. Only a couple of years after it was introduced there was an Air Hockey World Championship. The game is most popular in the US, and almost all World Champions have come from America. But not all, three-time World Champion, Jose Mora came from Venezuela. Other parts of the world where air hockey is popular includes: Spain, Russia and the Czech Republic.

It really shouldn't be too surprising that the air hockey table quickly became so popular, the game has a lot going for it. I asked my kids, thought about it myself, and came up with five reasons why I believe so many people enjoy playing air hockey.
  1. It is quick paced. Kids especially really enjoy a fast paced game, something that they can really get into. It allows them to be active and make as much noise as desired.
  2. Talking about noise, that is another reason I believe people (especially kids) get excited when they see an air hockey table. They love the click-clack of the puck as it is knocked across the table. My brother received an air hockey table for Christmas in 1976, when it was a new phenomenon. I don't think Santa had been in bed very long before my brother and I discovered the table set up in the family room. We lived in a tri-level home and my parents bedroom was right above the family room. Around 4:00 a.m. they were woken up by that click-clack sound. Santa may have regretted his decision that year, but we kids loved it!
  3. One thing that my kids really like about air hockey is that it is very interactive. Sure, kids today enjoy their computer games, but they also like to actively interact with friends and family, and air hockey is a great way to do that.
  4. Another thing about air hockey that you love as a kid is the fascination of the puck floating on air, defying gravity. It is cool to just watch the puck glide gently down the surface of an air hockey table. When you are a kid, that is magical.
  5. Finally, anybody, at any level, can play and enjoy air hockey. From young kids to the elderly, beginner to advanced, all can have fun on an air hockey table. Other games can be a little frustrating for a beginner. It is hard to get much of a volley going in table tennis when you are just learning, and knocking a ball into a small hole in the table with the end of a stick can be frustrating until you learn the skills involved in the game. But with air hockey, you just knock the puck back and forth, and hope to get it in your opponents slot while protecting your own goal, not much skill needed. But don't get me wrong, the experts have skill and special techniques to get as good as they are, my point is that you can enjoy the game without knowing those techniques or before developing a lot skill.
So, if you are considering a game table for your family, an air hockey table is a great option. Five reasons are listed above, but check with your family, they may have some reasons of their own.


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